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NGIS is a Professional Service Provider specialized in offering turnkey radio coverage and enterprise-class wireless solutions, for any environment.

Mobile indoor coverage is a headache for many of us. Half of the buildings do have difficulties with indoor coverage. Plus, stronger environmental requirements are resulting in buildings being increasingly well insulated, causing further reception difficulties. Businesses and people need to communicate everywhere and independent their location.

NGIS connects businesses, people and systems… anywhere, anytime. Our expertise enables us to find Wireless Solutions for any environment.


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Private 5G with high mobility, secure, fast and under control

We deliver Private 5G as a Service for manufacturing, enterprises and healthcare. Our turnkey Private 5G network provides a tailor made 5G implementation, managing every aspect from design, build, integration, management and optimization.

We craft custom solutions for each client, designed around their use cases and strategies, deployed, operated and optimized as a full Network as a Service.


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NGIS offers advanced technologies to enhance the speed, efficiency, and reliability of communication networks.

Private 5G & Mobile Private Network (MPN)

Private 5G & Mobile Private Network (MPN)

Private 5G and Mobile Private Network (MPN) solutions offer secure, customized, and high-performance communication networks. Leveraging 5G technology, they enable low latency, tailored coverage, and enhanced security for applications such as industrial automation, healthcare, and transportation, driving efficiency and innovation across various...

Connected Stadium

Connected Stadium

The connectivity requirements of stadiums and other large-scale venues continue to evolve. But the basics remain the same. Venue operations teams expect high levels of reliability and resilience from their communications infrastructure at all times. Visitors to stadiums expect to be able to make calls, send data and stream video whenever they feel like...

In-Tunnel Coverage

In-Tunnel Coverage

The NGIS In-Tunnel Solution utilizes a ‘Neutral Host’ Distributed Antenna System (DAS) approach, prioritizing the enhancement of the end-user experience. It stands as the most efficient method for implementing in-tunnel coverage for multiple Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in a neutral manner. The solution is intelligently designed to...

Active Distributed Antenna Systems (aDAS)

Active Distributed Antenna Systems (aDAS)

Revolutionize Your Wireless Connectivity with Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and Active DAS. These cutting-edge technologies amplify cellular signals, significantly improving signal quality and extending coverage, even in challenging areas. Whether you’re in crowded stadiums, bustling airports, or expansive commercial buildings, these solutions...

High dense Wi-Fi

High dense Wi-Fi

NGIS Hi-Density Wi-Fi Solutions are cutting-edge wireless networks designed for venues and crowded spaces. They offer fast, reliable, and scalable connectivity, perfect for stadiums, universities, corporate campuses, and more. These solutions ensure uninterrupted internet access for users.

Key Benefits:

1. Fast and Reliable: NGIS Wi-Fi...

Critical Communication

Critical Communication

Elevate Critical Communications with NGIS TETRA and Critical Communication Solutions

TETRA, or Terrestrial Trunked Radio, is a specialized digital mobile radio system tailored for mission-critical operations. It prioritizes secure communication with encrypted voice and data transmission. TETRA networks offer robust coverage,...