About us

NGIS is a Professional Service Provider specialized in offering turnkey radio coverage and enterprise-class wireless solutions, for any environment.
Mobile indoor coverage is a headache for many of us. Half of the buildings do have difficulties with indoor coverage. Plus, stronger environmental requirements are resulting in buildings being increasingly well insulated, causing further reception difficulties. Businesses and people need to communicate everywhere and independent their location.
NGIS connects businesses, people and systems... anywhere, anytime. Our expertise enables us to find Wireless Solutions for any environment.


In-Building Public Mobile Networks
2G GSM - 3G UMTS - 4G LTE …

Mobile operators are actually using different technologies: GSM(2G), UMTS(3G) and LTE(4G). People and businesses expect to be connected anywhere and anytime , but only 50% of the actual commercial buildings in Belgium do have an adequate In-Building infrastructure to extend those mobile networks. NGIS is certified to build legal in-building mobile networks extensions for the three Belgian mobile operators (Proximus-Orange Belgium/Mobistar-Telenet/Base). NGIS also facilitates the communication with your telco-provider to get the right (and legal) solution in for your building.


Mission Critical Communications
ASTRID Network, DMR, Tetra …

ASTRID enables the police, the fire services, emergency medical services and other organisations involved in public safety to improve both internal and interdisciplinary communications.  Since februari 2014 and following certain criteria (surface, number of people, risc), new constructions and infrastructures need to be provided with ASTRID radio coverage by law. NGIS is certified to extend the ASTRID-network for In-Building Projects.
Technologies like DMR or Tetra can also be used for local (mission critical) communication projects.


Private Wireless Networks
HD-WiFi, LTE, Point-to-point, IoT, …

People and businesses do expect to be connected anywhere, anytime.
NGIS brings professional radio-based-solutions for any challenge and/or environment :
-High-Density WiFi for dense populated environments, like stadia, (concert)halls, etc ...
-Point-to-point microwave solutions to interconnect two or more different locations
-Point-multipoint solutions to create your own private radionetwork. (like PMR, DMR, Wimax,..)
-Internet-of-Things (IoT)
-Private LTE-solutions for dedicated voice/data-projects.
-Satellite voice/data-solutions


Consulting & Audits

- Setting-up the system requirements
- Equipment selection (Antennas, cables, active components, etc ..)
- Pré-design of the system or solution
- Link budget calculations
- Budgetary pricing
- Spectrum analysis/reports
- RF-Measurements (ASTRID, 2G, 3G, 4G, WiFi, ...)
- Optimisations of existing infrastructures


- Building inspections (cable trays, technical room,  walls, ceiling,  etc ..)
- Feasibility analysis (coverage, propagation, power, antennas, ...)
- Equipment identification/selection
- RF measurements (coverage reports)
- Radio Frequency (RF) full design
- Link budget calculations
- Summary of system capabilities
- Software system developments
- System integration


- Technical Review visit before kick-off
- Execution plans
- kick-off meeting/visit
- Equipment ordering
- Installation of all elements (systems, cables, antennas, splitters, etc ..)
- Provisioning and configuration
- Integration and provisioning
- Coordination/approval with operators where needed
- Dry run + measurements

Integration & Acceptance

NGIS team of RF and network engineers will work with the customer to ensure that the new services and solutions are well integrates into your current infrastructure.
Our RF-Engineers carefully construct the configuration, working where needed together with the operators and governments to ensure that the services and solution do meet the requirements of all parties.
NGIS's ability to turn-key the integration is your assurance that the system will continue to meet your needs.


Dedicated Solutions

NGIS is a system integrator, providing everything from start to finish for in-building mobile coverage solutions. We do offer our services as for large as for small buildings, as also for big or small organisations. Our dedicated solutions are always developed from existing products, tuned to the requirements of the customer. So we do have Walkie-talkie alternatives working over LTE-networks (PTT-over-LTE), as we do have also a professional DECT-network replacement via (private-) LTE. Don't hesitate to contacts us if you specific questions in this domain.

Maintenance & Support

As certified installers for all major operators, NGIS has the proven ability to monitor and to support your system. Our trained and certified staff has one mission - keeping our clients happy ! Our commitment to 100% Customer Satisfaction drives our team, delivering proactive preventative maintenance regimens as well as prompt response when service is needed. Whether it's an unplanned planned outage, a standard maintenance visit or an annual 24X7 support agreements, you can always count on our support team !










Astrid (In-Building 2016)


2G-3G-4G (In-Building 2016)


Designs (2016)